Quick Tip: WordPress Comment Hyperlink

Ever wanted  to add a “Leave a comment below” link in a post and not known how to do it? It is super easy!


Leave a comment

  1. Type in the text you want to hyperlink to your comments
  2. Click Insert Links on the WordPress post toolbar
  3. The dialog box pops up and delete http:// from URL box and type #comments
  4. Click add link and BAM you have a hyperlink to your comments
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  1. Snapchat Usernames
    Snapchat Usernames says:

    Hey Kyle. Thanks for the helpful Post . A quick note .. to go directly to Leave a Message instead of going through all the comments #respond can be used to skip all the comments and jump directly to Leave a message. Helpful when you have lots of comments on a post and dont want the user to scroll through all of them to leave a comment.

    • jimmiethegerman
      jimmiethegerman says:

      ……didn’t work though just kicks down to bottom of page. Now the link, at the end of the tags, suggests “bookmark the permalink” instead of “leave a comment”


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