Photoshop Quick Tip: Wacom Tablet Optimization

Today, I have two quick tips for Wacom tablet optimization for Photoshop. These will help you to maximize your efficiency with both Photoshop and using your Wacom tablet. Both tips require you to access the Wacom Tablet Properties application that is installed along with your drivers. I am using a Wacom intuos3 6×11, Photoshop CC, and Windows 8.1.

HINT: It is usually a good idea to not change these for all programs and to change them just for Photoshop. To do this add Photoshop to the Applications and select.

Tip 1:

This will change the size of your brush in Photoshop easier than even using the keyboard shortcuts of open and close square brackets. Change the Touch Strip function on whichever side you want (if you have two sides) to Keystroke with UP being [ (square bracket open) and DOWN being (square bracket close). This will make it where your brush size will be changed with the touchstrip and is very useful and faster than even the square bracket keyboard shortcut.


Tip 2:

I tend to zoom in and then fit to screen a lot so this tip will make it where you click the upper button on the pen it will perform Fit to Screen (ctrl+0). Change the Pen top click to Keystroke and in the Keys do CTRL+0 (zero). This is MAC key + 0 (zero) for you mac people. It should look like {Ctrl}0. You can name this Fit on Screen or something like that since it really does not matter.


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