Quick Fix: How to fix Microsoft Office 2013 Error Code 30045-6

Are you getting the error when opening Microsoft Office 2013 error code 30045-6 updates for office are ready to be applied , but are blocked by one or more apps? There is an easy fix.

I too had this same problem and tried, without success, to use the repair method. However, I figured out how to fix this on my own accidently. I fixed this by following these steps:

  1. Disabling updates (File -> Account -> Update Options)
  2. Exiting out of Word
  3. Open Word back up
  4. Turning automatic updates back on (File -> Account -> Update Options)

I have not had a problem with this annoying problem since.

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  1. Iain Macbriar
    Iain Macbriar says:

    Alas, didn’t work for me. I’m running Office 2013 Professional, version 15.0.4605.1003 under Windows 8.

  2. Kyle King
    Kyle King says:

    I had the same thing happen and it did not stop tell I turned off updates in office and turned back on as I instructed above. I am not sure what else to help you with other than to say to try my directions above again.

    • Iain Macbriar
      Iain Macbriar says:

      At some point between yesterday and today the problem has gone away.

      But I’m not sure when it all happened. I may well have rebooted at some point and I’m wondering if this made the difference. Perhaps the ‘magic’ sequence is
      (1) switch off the automatic updates
      (2) restart the PC
      (3) switch the automatic updates back on again.
      But the key word is “perhaps”.
      Anyway, thank you for your help here – it worked in the end! 🙂


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