Don’t start new projects on Friday

I never start new projects on Fridays. For one, I try to wrap up current projects. I like to have some fun on Fridays too.

Friday is considered unlucky in many circles of people through superstition. I don’t find this to be particularly true, as it is just any other day and we have labeled it as a “friday”. However, many a mariners has the superstition is that it is unlucky to begin a voyage on a Friday. Look at the Costa Concordia which sank on Friday the 13th. Yes, it did not sail from port that day but it did run aground.

While Friday being cursed may or may not be true, I find that I relax more and am more recharged for the next week if I am not having to think about and plan a new project over the weekend. This seems a much better reason to not start on Fridays and just chill.

But if you are superstitious you may have a new reason to fear Fridays. Anyway, have a great weekend! Do you do the same? Leave a comment

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