Quick Tip: Corrupted Hard Drive

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Ever unplugged an external hard drive and had the problem where windows 7 wants to reformat the drive even though all of your data is on there? Here is a quick tip to fix that corrupted hard drive:

  1. Plug the hard drive in and click cancel on formatting the hard drive
  2. Open command prompt in elevated admin mode: Search Command Prompt  in the start menu and then right click on command prompt then on Run as Administrator. Click yes on the User Account Control.
  3. Command prompt opens up and you are under something like c:Windowssystem32. Make sure you know the drive letter for the corrupted hard drive.
  4. Let’s say your corrupted drive is f:. Type chkdsk f: /f /r and then enter.
  5. It will take a long time to run this as it is attempting to check, fix, and repair your hard drive. My 1tb drive took a little over 5 hours to complete.
  6. This should fix any problems rather than having to recover your data using a program like test disk. Scarily this is a lot faster as well.
Note: We do not promise that this will fix the problem and are not liable for any problems or lost data incurred following our tip. 
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