Codecanyon free file review: May

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This month’s Codecanyon free file for May is Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens by . I love most anything that is pure CSS3 and Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are really well done CSS3 only display screens to show off your products, videos, pictures and more!

[quote style=”1″]Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.[/quote]

I downloaded it and found it to have really great documentation and demos. Starting to use this was as easy as copy and paste. It includes an iphone 4, imac screen, macbook pro, macbook air, and an ipad 2. All the models also come with black and white variations. This is one of those under appreciated products that should have tons of purchases. Probably the best display is the iphone, as it has great detail and just looks awesome.

My Rating

I loved this product and thought that it would be really useful to show off products in the devices that would use it. This would make a really fast loading page as it does not have to load any images.
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